Good ENT in the TORONTO, CANADA area...

Discussion in 'Support' started by JAKUB, May 26, 2014.

    1. JAKUB

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      Can anyone suggest a great ENT which has a lot of experience with T and H in the Toronto area?

      Thank You
    2. alifalijohn

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      Let me know if you find one, looking for one , I am from Toronto Canada. have T since April15/ ent is not good al all, he just said just go home, it might go away..keep in touch , much appreciated. Thanks
    3. ItalianMan

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      Very comforting !
    4. Danny

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      Near Toronto Canada
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      Micheal Hawke on yonge st, good guy, didn't do squat but at least he gets it. he offered me lipo flavonoids, and a script for vertigo....both didn't do jack....but wasn't rude and he sorta kinda got it.
      micheal hawke yonge and davisville area
    5. jraulc_11
      Not amused

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      January 2014
      Im seeing a neurotologist in London, On in october. His name is Dr. Lorne Parnes and I heard he's really good.
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    6. Laura89

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      Calgary, Canada
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      Feb 14, 2014
      Hey Raul, I also heard he is real good. I heard he has treated patients with pulsatile tinnitus! Good luck!

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