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      Hi- Tinnitus started in NH where I lived 2008 after having dental work,
      along with other bizarre health problems. It coincided with blurred vision, sleep paralysis, and a burning foot on top of my not so great health. (I have a bone disease) I lived near a radio tower that broadcast to a fire department on the other side of my building and slept above a row of new smart meters. Tinnitus would disappear if I left home sometimes--such as to the coast or in the mountains. I eventually became so disabled and anxiety ridden I moved back home to Maine. I didn't have tinnitus for a week after I moved and then it started all over again. I've since moved twice, thought I found a place that had no rf but find my tinnitus begins again.

      I've noticed it disappears on holidays, whether I am around people or not. When I used to travel into another county it used to stop, then it became a tone change. At the ocean it was less--and swimming got rid of it until I got back to town. Last year that didn't happen. Twice when the internet was down at a town library it was on days my tinnitus was gone too. The second time I learned that when the emergency broadcast system was down the library didn't have internet. I've had several other times when chain stores like a grocery store will have no internet cc service and I happen to be having arare day with no tinnitus. Sometimes when tinnitus is bad I have black spots in one eye and that eye gets very hot.

      My current hypothesis is that there is frequency in the air and it affects specific resonance of a person--tinnitus is worse depending on if you have medical implants, metal fillings or a history of mercury vaccines, etc in your system. Frequency induces a charges on the body so maybe the body reacts by making ph changes that induce more voltage sort of like a battery. I have been trying different diets to get my ph to normal level-as well as reduce toxins. I am scheduled to have all my teeth pulled that have amalgam fillings--hoping that will help..but it was white fillings that started all this.. My health, mental and physical, my appearance, my desires, my ability to be creative or productive, my demeanor, all have declined because of this.

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