Gradual vs. Rapid Onset Tinnitus — Can One Be More Difficult to Manage?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Gman45, Aug 12, 2022.

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      Concussion or ETD
      I was speaking with a long time friend and tinnitus came up. I was complaining about how I have had it for over a year and how disruptive it is. He said he has had tinnitus for twenty years, but is never really stressed about it and doesn't pay it any attention.

      He said his tinnitus started gradually and slowly in time likely due to hearing loss from working in a factory and not using earplugs like he should have.

      Mine started overnight following a concussion. It baffles me why mine Is so tough on quality of life while his is not so much.

      I have known others with gradual onset tinnitus that seem way less bothered than me. It makes me wonder if rapid onset tinnitus is worse than gradual onset tinnitus?

      Does concussion induced tinnitus that begins rapidly affect something else in the ears/brain vs. hearing loss induced tinnitus that occurs over time?

      Food for thought, but strange.
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      Noise Trauma
      Not that I wish this on anyone, but could it be that your tinnitus is worse than his and possibly others you've spoken to?

      I know tinnitus is subjective, but I believe mine is louder than that of many people I talk to. And it's not just my perception of tinnitus. I have it on both sides and one side is definitely worse than the other.

      In any case, I hope you find relief soon.
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      Tinnitus in both ears is bad but since you have it worse on one side, have you considered steroid treatment? It sounds like a sudden change and steroids can help in some (but not all) cases.
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    4. Marshall

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      Not sure/virus/noise trauma/cumulative noise damage
      The fact that mine was a rapid progression overnight from no-tinnitus to insane-I-can't-mask-tinnitus gave me a form of PTSD.
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