Groovy Floorfillers and Artists from the 70s & 80s // All Groovy Music?

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Do you still enjoy the old hits?

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  1. Yes, on low sound levels

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  2. I use music as therapy

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    1. Per

      Per Member

      Tinnitus Since:
      I'l start with: James D-train Williams / Loose Ends / The fat boys / Zapp Band / Scritti Politti / Luther Vandross / Thompson Twins // Shantel / Duran Duran // Nina Hagen / Jermain Stewert / / The BeeGees / Boney M /// ABBA / Grandmaster Flash //
      Michael Jackson // 52nd Street // Disco Inferno / Art of Noise // Kraftwerk // The Five Star // Roxy Music // Bryan Ferry // Nu Shuuz, "I cant wait." // Shalamar // Jodey Watley // Human Leauge // Yazoo // A-ha// Duran Duran /// The Cure - Bobby Browne // Pink Floyd // Shannon / Madonna / Vince Clarke // Janet Jackson / Barry White/ Prince // EW&F/ Steely Dan // George Clinton // Def Leppard // Van Halen / Brothers Johnsons / Parliment/

      Wish I could listen to music like I used to, but good quality sound is more important than ever now. Low levels and a professional system, with a soft bass and as mild and friendly midtone as possible. If Im ever going to enjoy listening to music again I will be very picky when buying a set up.

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