Had a Good Couple of Days, but Now....

Discussion in 'Support' started by Gin, Nov 30, 2015.

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      So over the Thanksgiving Holidays everything was good. I thought maybe the supplements I had been taking were kicking in or I had gotten to the point where I was learning to cope with the low frequency tinnitus. On Wednesday and Thursday I couldn't even hear it, just silence. It was wonderful. Saturday morning I woke up with the plugged ear feeling. By Saturday night, my ears were roaring, although not too loud. All day yesterday the ears were plugged and roaring, but I coped. Usually when this happens it last for two to three days then the ears feel open again and maybe a bad day of T, then back to silence. This morning has been AWFUL. I've been in tears all morning long. The hypercausis has really spiked along with the plugged ears. Little to no roaring but ears overly sensitive. Head hurts so bad. Everything I hear hurts. Hasn't been this bad in months. I guess I'm just looking for a little support in here today and to know that someone here has those days were things are great, then the other shoe drops and you feel like you are starting all over from scratch again :(
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      You will have set backs, we all do. I still do even years later and it does feel like square 1 again sometimes. Just know it usually gets a little easier each time and will get better again. After a few times, you realize this and it won't be as bad.

      I have both H and T and I know exactly what you are going thru. T is tough enough but H takes it to a whole new level. You are tough even in your weakest moments. T and H is a test of your inner strength. Keep doing what you are doing, it will get better!

      You will fall back into the hole many times, just climb back out, dust yourself off and keep up the fight!

      We are here for you!
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      Thanks. Today is much better. Last night I think was the worst night yet. High T and H, plus add in a vertigo spell. After 2 Meclazines and some sleep today is much better. No roaring at all. In fact, sat in my car and listened to silence trying to soak it in (not sure how long it will last). Today my ears still feel plugged, I know they aren't but they feel that way. I'm not sure how many good days I will have but plan on loving them. I just wonder why it comes on like that. Have you ever heard someone's T and H disappearing for a few days then coming back? Mine has done that since July. I have my first ENT visit in Jan. I did have a hearing test and it showed some hearing loss. Had an MRI that came back clean. Also, I know I should be protective of my ears now to not cause future damage. But I also hear that wearing earplugs too often causes H to come on stronger, any truth to this?

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