Hair Cell Regeneration on Mammals

Discussion in 'Research News' started by Hopeful1, Jun 6, 2016.

    1. Hopeful1

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      Loud Music
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    2. Zechariah

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      Acoustic Trauma
      This was held 4,5 years ago. They have 5,5 years to go xD
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    3. Beste

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      Benzo/Clonazepam, Stress
      5 years is not far away though :)
    4. Ron Robles

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      Sept 4 2015
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      Not sure
      Nobody knows what is going on , everybody is just talking , people have had it foe 40 years before us and here we are the new generation and look nothing has been accomplished, the doctors, hearing aids companies and pharmaceutical companies don't want a cure imagine how much $$$$$ they would lose you know every time you're doc writs a script man what a kick back they get , they give us anxiety pill and depression pills which are all ototoxic, so makes our t worst and bodies worst . Just look at all the vets , they give them some kind of disability and go away , you would think somewhere someone has or would donate there body after death so doctor or science could see what really has happened to our ears as far as hair cells , colechea, something.

      But we hear nothing and stem cells well how many people on this site have spent thousands going everywhere and nothing it is so sad for us and the next generation coming up , what science really doing just saying oh 2 more years or 5,10,15, really do we want this symptoms that much longer if they think they have something, please try it now who is stopping it , they stop meds do they ?

      Sorry can't believe anyone anymore, god have mercy on our family, kids and grandkids , make this go away , help our vets !!!!!! All they went through for us . Amen like my brother says stop spending time and money I have 6 brothers and 4 of us have it, who knows what happened there as long we no mom and dad did not have it ! I had open heart surgery almost three years ago and one med high blood pressure med has this side effects you can read it , metoprolol and maybe baby aspirin who knows ok noise induce , how many kids on street hear there music for ever and nothing and us like me maybe 3 times a week and bam I am bewildered about all of this ,

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