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      Hello all! Here is my story...started having tinnitus along with a lot of other symptoms spring of 2013. I started experiencing extreme fatigue, dizziness, tinnitus, hyperacusis, brain fog, facial pain, pulling sensations in my face, ear, head, numbness in my face and head, arm, hand, fingers, muscle weakness, etc. I have been to gp, ent's, audiologists, neurotalrynologist, neurologist, optimistrist, endocrinologist. I have had a mri done, thyroid levels checked been checked for lyme, and vitamin deficiencies. Everything came back fine. I have been diagnosed with vestibular migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue. I also take medicine for anxiety and depression and had read where one of the medicnes I was taking (klonopin) could cause tinnitus so I tapered off of it this past spring. One audiologist I saw in January asked if I had tmj. I said why he said tmj could cause tinnitus. I have had dentists in the past tell me I have mild tmj. I have been having increased symptoms of tmj such as headaches, jaw pain, face pain, ear pain, pulling sensations in my ears and face, overbite, cross bite, clicking and popping in my jaw joints. I was wondering if anyone has tinnitus due to tmj and if so did treating the tmj help the tinnitus?
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      My tinnitus came out of no where going to see a ent next week to do some tests and get my tmj fixed I'll let u know if my tinnitus goes away after treatment
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      thanks I hope it works for you

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