Has Anyone Done TRT (White Noise Generators) with Good Results?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Andersson, Feb 10, 2016.

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      I got my Siemens duel purpose hearing aids yesterday.
      I have no big hearing loss (a -30 dB drop at 6.5-8k in my left ear) so we decided to not have increased hearing on.

      So white noise only. I was told to use them for about 6 hours a day, not more, and could take breaks if I wanted.
      I can increase or lower the white noise myself.
      I have it set so I hear my tinnitus in both left and right, which ofc is annoying because I got another sound (white noise) above those. But I guess that is the point of it.

      Anyway, have anyone here done this white noise generators with any decent results?
      I know it takes months to see any progress of it, so prefered anyone that used them as your supposed to (6 hours a day or so for months)

      Also I did not really ask my audiologist what I wanted, and now hes on vacation for 2 weeks.
      I dont really understand how this works.
      I know its supposed to make the brain not see the white noise as a threat and in turn do the same for tinnitus. But since I wear them 6 hours a day, the other days the focus is on my tinnitus. So don't understand how the theory behind it is really.
    2. Aaron123

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      Hopefully someone with personal experience will stop by and provide some information, but I have read a fair bit about TRT and can provide a few thoughts. I'm not quite clear how you are setting the level of the white noise. My understanding is you want to set the level just a little softer than your tinnitus. As I understand it, and again I haven't done it personally, the sound should not be annoying. If it is annoying it may be that it will just take a little getting used to or there could be some issue with how you are setting it.

      Is there anything more to your treatment than the WNGs? Do you have follow-up counseling appointments? Did your audiologist explain the basis for TRT? There's more to TRT than just WNGs - which isn't to say that WGNs alone are a bad thing just that WNGs by themselves aren't TRT.
    3. AUTHOR

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      Only WNG.
      They don't even have a therapist right now ;/
      So no follow up or more in depth counseling, they will get a therapist but it could take 2 months before they get someone.

      So until they get a new therapist trained with tinnitus coping I guess I'm on my own ;/
      He did not explain much about TRT, all he said that this is what I can do (regarding WNG), I did not even know there usually is counseling/therapist etc with it until I googled on it. I thought TRT was just WNG usage.
    4. Dave Boltz

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      I have had tinnitus now for 21 years. I first started TRT at the Univ of Maryland in Baltimore in 1995 and was counseled and wore the generators for 6 to 8 hours a day for 18 months and before you knew it I did not notice the T. I still had it but it did not bother me anymore. IT would come back off and on and I would put the devices back in and after a couple of weeks, I would forget about it again. It has come back again and I and now wearing them again. IT has been a couple of months and I cannot seem to get the monkey off my back. I see that the Veterans are coming back from their deployments and are having a lot of trouble with tinnitus. Maybe this will put a fire under the research and they will find at least something that will help quicker than what us out there now.

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