Has Anyone Experienced This? (Short of Air, Heartburn, Pain in the Chest and Legs, DIzziness, etc.)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Josue, Apr 9, 2016.

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      Since my tinnitus appeared without any reason weeks later I started feeling short of air, heartburn, pain in the chest, pain the legs, dizziness, other things like feeling a foreign object in my throat and I can't eat much food because I feel more short of air. I went to the doctor 3 days ago and I said to him most of these symptoms he checked my throat he said everything was okay with my throat, he ordered the nurses to do me a xray of my chest and other parts of my body again he said everything was okay with my lungs... I don't really know what to do. is any of this symptoms related to the T?
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      These are all symptoms of "anxiety", which really just means that having too much adrenaline in your blood and to much activity in your nervous system can cause these subjective symptoms.

      The cause could be anything from lifestyle stress, to mineral imbalances, to a thyroid tumor.

      Find a doctor you trust, rule out all serious causes, and then, if you're in the 98% of people who have these problems without a diagnosable cause, you'll have to find your own path through...
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