Has Anyone Screamed Next to Your Ears?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Sean, Oct 25, 2014.

    1. Sean

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      Hi every one - two weeks ago I had posted regarding Alaram going off and my T had spiked .
      Last evening one idiot screwed next to my ears (about 3 inches away )..my T is spiked !!
      I am panicking. Has any one experienced this shit ??
      I am getting tired of these things now .
    2. Sean

      Sean Member

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      Btw , I checked DB level and the noise level is about 98 DB And it only for like a 2 seconds .
    3. Ilija

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      Loud gig/year of loud headphone usage.
      Its probably just a spike.
      Yeah a couple of times it has happened to me, my classmates are really loud so as soon as I enter the class it's loud, plus I have had really loud things next to my ear, for some it doesn't spike it, for some it does but in the end it always resolves.
      I think the loudness of my class room is actually prolonging the time it's taking for my ears to heal, but it'll happen in time.
      Anyway I wouldn't worry about it.
      I had a spike from a cold that lasted 3 weeks, then I had a spike from people screaming in my class which is on its way out slowly.
      Why did he scream?
    4. AntonR

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      Redwood City California
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      You'll be fine, I just had an MRI last Saturday, you may of seen my not to happy thread and my T definitely spiked even though I was wearing plugs. It's definitely slowly getting better day by day going back to my baseline.

      I doubt that 2 seconds of 98 DB can cause permanent damage. You can be exposed to roughly 1 hour of 100 DB before permanent damage begins to take place.

      Don't stress, you'll be fine.
    5. Sean

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      It was just an accident .i am just so pissed ! He is some what of a slow type of guy .he was watching what I was doing on you tube and he just called out some one when he was about 2 inches away from my ears .
      It's amAzing how stupid can you get !!!!
      How can you not know that you don't scream when you are 2 inches away from some one ears !
      He is super nice and innocent kid ..and I proly should not call him idiot .its just too stressful !
    6. Asian

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      4 weeks
      We just celebrated Diwali and people light a lot of crackers on this festival. I had a couple of crackers exploding just about 2 feet away from me at around 180 db. And countless others exploding at more than 140db around me for about 3 hours. Guess what, my T remained unaffected. I tried to protect my ears but everything just happened unexpectedly. loud noises for very short period of time won't affect your T.
    7. Sean

      Sean Member

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      Happy Diwali-
      I has Diwali firecracker went off 3 years ago and T had spiked like crazy for 2-3 months !
      I would definately wear 32 DB plugs when i am there .
      I just woke up and my left ear still ringing !
    8. Sean

      Sean Member

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      My Spike not going away !Its not super loud but I want to kick this dude who screamed next to my ears! ( just venting)
    9. Solate

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      No one has shouted next to my ears yet, but I did drive on the highway with the windows open for a couple of hours once (stupid, I know). When I got home, one of my ears felt dull and the other had several new loud noises.. I was sure i damaged my ears permanently.. After a couple of hours and a good night of sleep, I woke up perfectly fine though! Weird, seeing that my tinnitus gets worse by itself on moment I would not expect it, but when I was sure to have damaged my ears, the new noises went away on their own..

      You should be fine, though. You definitely have to stay calm. Anxiety and overfocusing on your ears wil make things worse or at least keep your attention on your ears.
    10. Georgia

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      This is the story of mylife a couple a weeks ago this prick in my class blew a whistle right next to my ear. Pain didn't end for hours
      Everyone in my class is so loud and inconsiderate i am seriously considering switching out my hearing aids for ear plugs. None of them care none of them shut up. To be honest I never thought I could hate so many people all at once. You my friend are not alone. I'm a debater and am running for president in my school I'm thinking about have a tinnitus awareness talk. That's how tired I am of their crap. They'll regret one day people who live with tinnitus tend to be a lot stronger than people who suffer from nothing.

      You should be fine though it goes away eventually. If not sooner.

      Some how we'll live these idiots
      Good luck
    11. Thongjy

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      When you guys mentioned spike due to loud noise, do you notice the spike happening immediately after the exposure or only after a few days later?
    12. nills

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      acoustic trauma
      that is how i got T ... :(

      whenever you get noise trauma go to specialist ASAP and consider pressure cabin.

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