Has Anyone Tried to Take Antipsychotics for Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by IvanRus, May 26, 2018.

    1. IvanRus

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      Has anyone tried to take antipsychotics (antipsychotics) for tinnitus?

      Did they help you? They help some people.

      The most common are Sulpiride, Quetiapine, Risperidone....
    2. Bill Bauer
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      Acoustic Trauma
      I am not sure whether they are antipsychotic drugs, but check out the post below
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      The medications mentioned in your quote aren't antipsychotic drugs. Clonazepam is a Benzodiazepine and Gabapentin is an anti-seizure/anti-convulsant drug that is prescribed for a bunch of different disorders. Both work on GABA receptors though, so they carry the same risks of dependency and withdrawal symptoms.
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    4. yonkapin

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      I'd be weary of antipsychotics for tinnitus. They are drugs with heavy side effects and there have also been studies that claim that they can cause brain atrophy: loss of brain volume. Pretty scary in my opinion.


      Not saying to completely dismiss them, just posting so that anyone reading is aware.
    5. David Dubros

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      Why would anyone take an anti-psychotic drug if they had never been psychotic or were not at risk of becoming psychotic.
      This is playing with fire.
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    6. BreachOfEuphoria

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      Lots of psychiatrists are prescribing for example Quetapine or Risperidone to "treat" :rolleyes: for example OCD or a bipolar condition. They don't care about the individual in the long run. But they'll be sure to rake in the dinero from big pharma.

      Well, i guess the medicine is okay if it makes the sufferers life more bearable.

      Imagine if there was tinnitus medicine that would lower severe and moderate tinnitus sufferers tinnitus by 80 or 90 %.
      I would give my dose to the users on this board with severe tinnitus.

      But reality is not like that (YET! :cool:)
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    7. Greg Sacramento

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      Syringing + Somatic tinnitus from dental work
      Those types of drugs are a major cause of all many types of dystonia if taken for months.
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    8. Lane

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      Single 25 mg dose of (anticholinergic) drug Promethazine
      This following POST is from a different forum, but it feels applicable to this discussion. It seems like Amisulpride (Dopamine system stabilization drug, available without a prescription) could be helpful for many on this forum who have some of the symptoms it's purported to be helpful for.

      LOTs more very useful information at the link provided above. My impression from what I've read on Amisulpride is that it is likely more helpful than many of the drugs mentioned on this forum, with far fewer and severe side effects. But there is still MUCH I have yet to learn about it. -- @Michael Leigh

      """At very low doses, amisulpride is know to act as an:

      Antidepressant treatment
      Anti-anhedonia treatment
      Anti-anxiety treatment

      Reduces ME/CFS noise sensitivity symptoms
      Greatly reduces ME/CFS irritability symptoms
      Improves sociability
      Treats anxiety psychosis symptoms (anxiety psychosis from anxiety disorder)
      Improves attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)"""​
      I was just perusing another post in the above linked thread, and came across the following. Which again, seems like it could be helpful for many people new to tinnitus. Seems like it could be very helpful for the brain as it starts its process of habituating to entirely new circumstances...

      """Specifically, at the low doses, Amisulpride is a “selective dopamine antagonist” which stimulates specific types of dopamine receptors (D2 and D3) on their presynaptic side. For this specific purpose, it is used in very low doses (12.5-100mg/day). ...... Since it was designed to be used at much higher doses, there are few side effects at these low doses. Keep in mind it may take up to two weeks to feel any effects from amisulpride, so try it for at least 2 weeks!

      It seems to have a very unusual ability to tone down a person’s unwanted emotional outbursts in a very precise clean way, while preserving the drive to accomplish important matters in their life. Strangely enough, it actually seems to shut down the part of the brain that spends time worrying about other people’s problems or going in circles about personal emotional issues. The emotional spin cycle simply disappears!"""​
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