Has Anyone's Tinnitus Gotten Worse with Sinus Problems?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Yellow Ledbetter, Jul 22, 2014.

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      So my recently spiked back up again (it went quiet for awhile), but it seemed to spike up when I got the flu. So I thought ok might go back down when I'm better, but I've gotten a sinus infection & now my T is really not happy. It's worse my right ear (which is the ear that has been blocked) just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Also when I open my jaw wide it gets worse? I've never been checked for TMJ but my friend has it & I get the same symptoms as her (pains around jaw & ears, tight feeling etc...) she doesn't have T but can almost induce it if she clenches her jaw. I can make mine worse by doing the same thing. Does anyone know about TMJ & how it can affect T? My jaw had been super tight. Thanks I'll stop rambling now. ... =)
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      eardrum rupture from virus; barotrauma from ETD
      Colds, flu, allergies--anything that affects your nasal passages may worsen your tinnitus. This has been my experience. My tinnitus even spikes with sudden barometric pressure changes. Whenever my nose and sinuses are unhappy, my tinnitus goes on a temper tantrum.

      About tinnitus worsening or changing when you open your jaw, this is also common among sufferers. I would not worry.

      The good news is your spike should settle down. You are also early into tinnitus so there's an excellent chance it will go away permanently. I know this is very hard, but try not to measure it or focus on it. And keep masking sounds in the background that will help detract your brain from the tinnitus signal.

      Vitamins, especially NAC, might also help with inflammation and protect your inner ears.

      See this link:
      You will be fine. Just be patient.:)

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