Has anyone's tinnitus worsened permanantly after tonsillectomy? (or were you okay?)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ryan, Nov 12, 2013.

    1. Ryan

      Ryan Member

      Hello all,

      I am having this procedure on Thursday as I keep getting tonsil stones. I've had tinnitus since contracting glandular fever 5 years ago.

      If anyone could let me know if they've had the operation and been fine or if their tinnitus has got permanently worse that would be great, thanks!
    2. AUTHOR

      Ryan Member

      Just incase anyone finds this in future and needs to know: It hasn't really affected my tinnitus at all! I feel it may even make it better as the tonsil stones/occasional swelling was putting unnecessary pressure in that area :)
    3. yonkapin

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      That's awesome to hear! I have HUGE tonsils and apparently huge adenoids as well - have always wondered and suspected that they might be putting pressure on and around my eustachian tubes, might be looking into getting them removed soon.
    4. Amelia

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      Wonderful news ... I'm in 2 minds as whether to have some sinus surgery (which I really need) because I'm worried it will aggravate my T.
      Good news that while you has a different op things turned out ok :)

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