Has anything worked other than time?

Discussion in 'Support' started by MattK, Mar 21, 2014.

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      that is a very good point, most people on here, myself included are new and struggling, though if I look back the times I struggle is SLOWLY decreasing. I have run into many people when I tell them I got T who say their father or brother have it and they are fine with it. I am sure many people whose T went away or they habituated to it don't come on the site anymore, not that I can blame them. We are lucky for the ones who have success in overcoming yet still come and answer questions and offer support. My guess is that a huge majority of people deal well with it over time, it seems from the majority of veterans time is the key.
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      @Jeff M. I've slowly habituated to my T. Is your T is still very loud ?

      "And once you have a spike, all the past habituation is useless, you have to start again. It's like torture, only it's forever."

      Ha ha :D . True.

      An yes these occasional T spikes scared me a lot. But now after discussing with other TT members, I believe these T spikes are pretty normal.
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      Not completely true. I can't speak for everyone obviously, but when I have spikes, they don't bother me that much. When I have a spike, I am more thinking, "Oh my T is spiking... well that sucks" and that's about the extent of it. I know mine might not be as severe as yours and I know we all handle things differently.

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