Has Tinnitus a Better Chance of Going Away If There Is No Sensorineural Hearing Loss?

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      Hello Doctor Nagler,

      Thank you very much for your encouraging and quick replies to all of our questions so far. I really really appreciate your being here for us and it means a lot and makes a difference to our coping with this. Thank you again Doctor :)

      Many people say T can go away in months to a year. The causes can be noise exposure, infection, blow to the head or neck, pressure changes in the ears, etc. do you think the chances are less when there is a slight SNHL involved in higher frequencies as compared to someone who doesn't have a SNHL and has T because of other reasons ? Do you think the generalisation that it may go away in 6 months-1 year is more suitable for those people with perfect and normal hearing and may not be for someone with a slight dip in higher frequencies?

      I know it is totally unpredictable and nobody can say for sure what's gonna happen next. Also I am not living in a hope for it to go away and trying to adapt to it. But I wonder if I have a chance even with slight SNHL. Investigations suggest that I probably have a nerve damage and no cochlear damage according to the audiologist .OAE was clean uptil 8k. Please share your thoughts on it.

      Thank you :)
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      No, I do not.

      Dr. Stephen Nagler

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