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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Tia, Dec 17, 2015.

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      Hi my name is Tia. My battle with tinnitus began I believe in 2010 (could've been before that, like 2009, but I can't remember that far back). It was brought on by loud noises (listening to music really loud). I would start to hear a buzzing sound when exposed to loud music. These days, any loud noise, like a siren, produces a buzzing sound in my right ear. And now I've noticed other sounds as well (and unlike the buzzing which is only present during loud noises, these sounds come and go). One night I could've sworn I heard someone calling my name as I was trying to go to sleep. And sometimes I hear a wooshing sound in my right ear, (especially at night when I'm tossing and turning trying to get comfortable to go to sleep; it's also present sometimes when I hear loud noises but recently it started coming and going of its own accord; my right ear also feels wet sometimes, it's kinda hard to explain. You know how when your skin is wet and exposed to air, that feeling you get as your skin starts to dry? My right ear feels like that sometimes but it's completely dry). I've also noticed ringing in both ears but I never paid attention to it because I thought it was normal. It would go away after a few minutes. But today, it got worse. I was stressing about the wooshing sound in my right ear (and freaking out about stuff I've been reading on the internet about tinnitus) and suddenly my left ear began to ring and it hasn't stopped. If I think something's wrong with me or if I worry too much about something (which includes looking it up on the internet) I wind up fueling my symptoms or giving myself symptoms that weren't present to begin with. It's happened plenty of times before so why should this time be any different? Will the constant ringing stop if I stop stressing over it? I really hope so! I'm used to sleeping in complete silence, how can I sleep with constant ringing in my ear? I need help on how to deal with it if it doesn't stop (I kinda wanna cry). I'm going to talk to an ear doctor today and try to calm my nerves in the mean time. Worry doesn't get you anywhere. I also want to mention that I have had problems with water in my ears as well as wax build-up in the past and that I suffer from Morgellons (which I really don't wanna get into right now) so some of these symptoms could also be caused by another condition. But what I really wanna know is if there's a cure for tinnitus? Or is there anything that will lessen the noise especially at night?
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      Hi @Tia and Welcome to TT

      Stressing over it doesn't help at all as it can only make it worst in everybody's experience, so try to work on your stress level...

      For night time I would suggest you some masking sounds if you haven't used them before, they help in shifting your awareness from your internal noise to an external sound and it will help you to fall asleep until you get habituated enough to sleep without it..

      I used to mask with fire or rain sounds and it helped me a lot... Nowadays I rarely mask...

      Best of luck !! Take care !
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