Having a Bad Flare Up, Feeling Very Low

Discussion in 'Support' started by ThomasG, Jun 24, 2015.

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      My original tinnitus injury is from a concert in 2008. I was 18 years old and didnt realize how damaging the sound at a concert could be. I was on the rail right in front of a speaker for a 3 hour rock concert. When I left the show I had both ear damage and tinnitus. In the following weeks I noticed my hearing had improved but the ringing never went away.

      It drove me mad; I had depression, anxiety, panic attacks, little to no sleep and suicidal. It was a long recovery but after a few years I eventually learned to cope with it. Eventually I stopped thinking about it and would only notice it if I focused on it.

      Over the years I would have flare ups but they would always stop. I always noticed when I had a sinus infection the ringing would be incredibly flared or if I was exposed to loud noise up but it would subside.

      3 days ago I went to a salsa dance and after leaving I noticed a severe tinnitus flare up. I wore dB noise cancelling ear plugs as I always do when I get to these dances. Before the dance started the DJ was testing his speakers and somehow managed to blast the volume at max before I had my plugs in. Also half way through the show somehow one of my plugs had come loose and fell out. I dont know if this plug was not properly inserted for the whole show (i really hope not) or if some sweat caused it to loosen.

      Today my tinnitus is loud and seriously affecting my life once again. I had a panic attack in the washroom at work today. I am currently living and working (temporarily) far from home so I don't have any support around here. I am very anxious that this new level of ringing will be permanent and I cant stop obsessing about it.
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      Hey @ThomasG

      How is your flare up going ? Did it subside ?

      probably just a longer spike than usual and it will go back to baseline soon, I heard sometimes spikes can last days if not weeks...

      I am sorry you are far away from home, can you Skype your family or have some good friends close by ?

      Try to keep busy as much as you can and remember how you habituated the first time and work on it 'til it will subside.. Obsessing doesn't do any good.. Mask what you can and hopefully it will just be a bad spike..

      Keep us updated and best of luck !

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      noise induced and severe stress
      I know I am posting late but I know how you feel. I hope your past your T flare up by now.... If not hang in there...I too am having a T flare up right now. I usually do not react with anxiety and panic anymore to my tinnitis because I have had it off and on for 4 years. I have been to the doctor and a therapist in the past for it.
      But this time my T flare up is bad but a little different. This flare up is caused from severe stress from things that have happened recently. So my anxiety is through the roof. I know anxiety its making my T worse. I even feel sick from it because of the anxiety. I feel like I have cotton in my left ear because the T static hum sound is louder. I even feel a little numb on the left ear but I am not really numb. I think its the T making me feel like that. I did not even realize my cotton ear feeling was T till I went into a quiet room. I guess the T is affecting how I am hearing outside noise and giving me that stuffy feeling. I pray all the time for God to give me new ears or a new better connection between my stressed brain and my ears. Hang in there.. This too shall pass.........:)

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