Having a Lot of Head and Sinus Pain

Discussion in 'Support' started by ChrisJ, Oct 31, 2015.

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      Hey guys,

      So I can't write for too long as I am in a lot of pain at the moment but thought I would post an update.

      Since my Oxygen Therapy finished my condition has got worse. I went to see an Audiologist on the NHS who spent well over an hour with me. We did a bit of cognitive behaviour therapy and she also gave me some exercises to do. She also referred me for some more tests so I am pleased about that.

      However my condition is getting worse and I am finding it hard to mask. Normally I am like the swan, on the surface I am happy and positive but underneath I can work quite hard at masking pain or any issues I am tackling. But I am starting to reach my limit.

      I feel like my head is underwater. My sinuses feel full and my head aches all the time. The tinnitus is still there with no change. I get a pain behind my left eye and down the left side of my face and jaw. If I push just behind the temple of the left side of my head it feels very tender.

      I am getting irritable and impatient and so just staying in bed avoiding social contact and working from my laptop as hard as I can. I have tried to go out and meet people but it leaves me feeling exhausted and I have to do the swan thing which leaves me feeling very tired the next day.

      I am seeing a dentist on Tuesday. Right now just drinking lots of pu'er tea and also eating raw veg and a little cod for protein, avoiding diary and wheat. Just trying as much as I can.

      Thanks so much if you took the time to read this. I really appreciate having somewhere to go like this.
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      Sorry to hear things got worse. Do you think the Oxygen Therapy had a negative effect, or does the timing feel more like coincidence? I know there is a small risk of barotrauma involved.

      I hope this is just a temporary thing for you. Stay strong and keep looking for answers. With the pain you describe I am thinking this sounds like a physical issue that can be resolved rather than hearing damage, although of course I know very little about this. Best wishes.

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