Headphones and Abusing My Ears Caused My Tinnitus and Hyperacusis

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      Hey, I am 43 years old with long history of abusing my ears to clubs, concerts, loud music and working out with very loud headphones. About a month ago, I woke up one morning, went to work, came back, put on some CD and I noticed that the sound sounded a bit weird. Didn't think much about it other that the CD lens must be dirty. The next day I noticed the same on my laptop's sound but didn't really put 2+2 together.

      By the end of the week, after a night of going jogging with headphones on, I developed really loud tinnitus and (in comparison to what I am reading here) mild or average hyperacusis. But it's basically the hyperacusis that is driving me mad. I forgot to say that all symptoms are in the right ear, the left is completely unaffected.

      The tinnitus went from really loud the first 3 weeks to a bit of an improvement this week when I had 3 days of almost silence (it's still there but I have to focus to listen to it), 1 day of low volume and 1 day of high volume during the last 5 days. The sound is a bit like static.

      The hyperacusis on the other hand includes a feeling of ear fullness 80% of the time even when tinnitus is gone, "reactive tinnitus" which seems to be increasing in volume with music (even low volume) or by just being in a crowded place and I also experienced warm ears and ear pain but more rarely. All these symptoms (except ear fullness) seem to be at their worst when tinnitus is strong too, the days when it is more silent, I seem to also have more tolerance to sound.

      I did visit an ENT who found no hearing loss and gave me vitamins the second week (which did nothing) and cortisone the third week (which I refused since I am already pre-diabetic). He does not do the injections. I attempted to switch ENT to another one who does the injections but I got an appointment for December which is too late so I keep on looking.

      So far I have not used headphones at all since this began and I also barely listen to music. I also did not use any earplugs either but I am thinking to so I can at least go back to listen to music in my home through the stereo and maybe protect my hearing when I am in a cafe or something. I also don't know if I should pursue the injections, I am in my fourth week of tinnitus.

      I am still going to work, sleeping, going out (although not pubs/clubs/concerts anymore) working out (without music which sucks) and I would really appreciate advise and prognosis based on your experience.

      PS: I had experienced tinnitus before due to a reaction to a medication but I had no hyperacusis so I could easily mask it with music so it was a piece of cake. Here, it is the hyperacusis which drives me crazy and not the tinnitus, except the few days that was really loud.

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