Hearing a Sound When My Eyes Move

Discussion in 'Support' started by Hil, Jun 3, 2016.

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      I just realized today that I'm hearing a sound when I move my eyes. It's if I move my eyes suddenly upwards, or to the upper left, or down again. I only hear a sound on the left side. It's a dull, muted kind of sudden sound.

      On the left side, that's where I have the "cr-crunch" noise that happens right after I hear a loud or high, sharp sound. If I press on my cheek right under my ear, I get that same low, rumbly crunch sound. It was suggested to me a while back in this forum that this could be TTTS related. But eye movements causing sound? Any ideas?

      I Googled and all sorts of things about Superior Canal Dehiscence came up, but I don't have many of the symptoms listed for that. I don't have any hearing loss, I don't feel any dizziness associated with sounds or anything.

      I have jaw muscle pain on that side when I press w/ my finger. (I have TMJ issues, too...I wear a bite splint at night for this.)

      I am trying again with an ENT visit, going somewhere different than last time. Visit is not until July.
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