Hearing Health USA Free Screenings: Looking for Info/Kudos/Warnings

Discussion in 'Support' started by MerkinBill, Mar 1, 2019.


Have you actually been screened by Hearing Health USA?

  1. Yes, and they were helpful.

  2. Yes. They didn't help, but I managed to found out that... (write in comments)

  3. Yes, and all it was was a sales pitch.

  4. No, but I know others who have and they said...

  5. No

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    1. MerkinBill

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      I was made aware that Hearing Health USA was going to have free screenings in my area. I've submitted my name and am waiting to hear back to schedule an appointment.

      I'm expecting that it's probably just an opportunity for them to make a sale, but a free screening might at least givve me more information than I already had, and I might be able to test drive some hearing aids to see if they will serve me any good before laying out money I don't have.

      Anyone have any info on them? I'd prefer honest responses here than doing a google search and finding the person who was wronged by them and is on a mission or the one who is a paid shill.

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