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Discussion in 'Support' started by Misery, Nov 26, 2013.

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      I hope this can offer others hope that things will improve over time.

      The first day I really noticed T was November 3rd, 2013, one week after attending a concert wearing over-the-counter earplugs. I decided to have my ears checked out by my regular physician on November 18th. I was told I was on the verge of a sinus infection and that both ears were full of fluid. I was prescribed a course of antibiotics. My left ear still feels like it has fluid behind the eardrum. I plan on seeing the physician again next week. I still hear T, but it's softer and different. The weird thing is I still enjoy a quiet house. I don't need any background sounds during the day at all. At night I've been able to cut the volume of my ambient sounds by half. There are times when I wake up and turn the volume down completely and can hardly hear the whine. I'm back to sleeping on my T ear, which I never imaged would happen as initially the sounds were too much to take. What is still unnerving is the occasional clicking that I hear when my left ear is pressed against the pillow.

      This is my second round with T. I don't know f it went away the first time or if I completely habituated to it. I'm feeling optimistic though.
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      That's awesome news that you are having quiet moments. Those are the ones you focus on. The clicking sound could be from the sinus infection, like fluid moving in your (eustachian tubes). Don't give it to much thought, try to stay positive. Go to get a follow up to be sure the ears look good. Try sleeping on your back.
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      Misery, that is great news!!!! Pretty soon you are going to have to change your name...

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