Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Are Genetic?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Blake, Apr 24, 2016.

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      I've been to many wedding parties wearing my earplugs. The music is pretty loud, probably anywhere from 90-100 DB.

      I've noticed that I always see a lot of older people (50s/60s) dancing away without wearing any ear protection. I can't understand how people at that age don't feel pain inside of their ears from the loud music?

      What I'm thinking is, is hearing damage genetic? I mean do some people not damage their hearing no matter how many concerts or parties they go to without protection? How do these old people not have tinnitus or hearing damage?

      Samething with people i know who refuse to wear ear plugs at events because they have "strong" ears. These are people I know that go parties, concerts 2-3 times a month on a regular basis and have never heard of tinnitus?

      So is hearing loss and tinnitus genetic? will some people never damage their hearing or get tinnitus no matter how many concerts they attend?
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      car accident
      @Blake it's a very good question! Maybe these old people you are referring to were perhaps birds in an anterior life!
      I don't think that hearing loss is genetic, but I do think that there are more vulnerable ears than others, and I can refer to my own story, I have an accident 4 months ago with airbag deployment, since my accident I read a lot about the airbags, the statistics, some people have damaged their eardrums immediately after the explosion of the airbag, others not. In my case my eardrum was not damaged or burst, frankly I would have preferred to have vulnerable ears and immediate symptoms, in that case I would have had the emergency treatment within 24h! I read the case of a man who had a perforated eardrum right after his accident and who received big doses of cortisone infusions. He had T temporary for 10 weeks and then it stopped, lucky him!
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      One loud indoor concert
      That's probably because they don't know they should wear earplugs. Nobody has ever told them.
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      one week after leg surgery plus hearing loss in higher freq.
      My father had tinnitus when he was in his late fifties or early 60s. I developed T in my 60s but my sister at 80 doesnt have it. Working in the printing industry for many years around noisey equipment probably was the reason I developed T. and have some hearing loss in the upper frequencies..
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      Acoustic Trauma
      There probably is some genetic predisposition to hearing loss and tinnitus.

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