Hearing Random Sounds as You're About to Pass Out

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jen10, Mar 18, 2019.

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      Hey guys! I do have another question which is important to me.

      Aside from fleeting tinnitus, do you guys hear random sounds as you're about to pass out? These sounds can vary and sometimes be loud. I am under a lot of stress and anxiety along with fear.

      Is this something you guys experience? I've had tinnitus for under 5 months. It's still very foreign to me and I don't want to go on pharmaceutical drugs. I haven't slept all night but I will try to lie down in about half an hour and try to be brave.

      I was told by many to see tinnitus as a friend rather than a foe. It's very hard to associate good thoughts when the sounds are random and sometimes loud. It definitely catches my attention and gets me ramped-up. I really need to start sleeping again like normal people. People with severe tinnitus can sleep no problem and here I am not getting any sleep. Since I am not getting much sleep at all my tinnitus is getting loud.

      Any tips tricks or advice will help. It's just hard to actually apply it when needed.

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