Hearing Static Distortion at Certain Frequencies

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      I was unaware of this forum, and so I'm posting here for suggestions, and hopefully any kind of help I can find. I've had my issue since 2004, and its getting worse and worse, never better. I'm not sure how I can continue on like this. For my post, I will be copying a lot from here (https://www.chat-hyperacusis.net/po...ound-in-ear-megathread-9511904?pid=1302056661), a thread I created to help those with my condition. This is gonna be a long one - sorry.

      Around 2004 (I'm 34 now) my left ear began to make what sounded like broken speaker or static noises when exposed to loud and especially high pitched noises. When I laid down, I had a fluttering noise in the ear. At the advice of my doctor, I had both my tensor tympani and my stapiedal muscles severed surgically to correct the problem. After the bandages were removed, I discovered that it did not correct the problem at all, but merely changed it. Now, the static sound occurred when the left ear was exposed to any sound of mid-loud range of any pitch. This is tolerable as it happens a lot and my brain mostly tunes it out (although it is hard sometimes as it varies in volume depending on certain factors). More importantly, when the atmospheric pressure outside my ear changes at all (i.e., when there is a storm front, when I am in an elevator, when I drive up a mountain), there is a feeling of fullness in my ear and a pulsating sensation along with a kind of whooshing noise. During this period the static sound is usually present, and if the left ear is exposed to any noise an extremely loud static noise is heard instead. To temporally "clear" the ear, I pop my eardrum by moving my jaw and blowing out my nose in a certain way after sucking in through my nose (so basically moving my eardrum back and forth by altering middle ear pressure). This only works for a few seconds/ minutes and then the pulsating/whooshing/static comes back. Eventually it goes away and the ear returns to its normal tinnitus of low static noise with most noises.

      This is my all in my left ear. I have learned to live with it and rely mostly on my right ear for hearing. Usually, my brain tunes out the constant static which accompanies almost all noises. Around 2014, my right ear began to thump sporadically, which is most likely more myoclonus with the muscles. This doesn't bother me that much, unless it is connected to worsening the static noise which I cannot determine. A few years ago, my right ear began to make the static noise, but only at very high volume and frequency. I am incredibly nervous that it will become worse, and it seems to be doing so. Currently, I have extreme sensitivity to high pitched noise in my right ear (chains rattling, water running, hand-dryers, mouse-clicks), and if the noise gets loud enough, the distortion will occur. With high pitched noise, there is a sensation of fullness. I'm not sure if this is hyperacusis brought about by the fear or a sign of a worsening condition, or both. Regardless, I live in a constant state of anxiety and fear, with frequent panic attacks. I also have high-pitched tinnitus in both ears when in silence. Additionally, and only in my right ear, I can hear noises from my body (bones clicking and creaking, breathing, etc.) louder than usual.

      I know this sound crazy, but if anyone can understand and help it is this forum. I've tried endlessly to find answers both through seeing doctors, and doing my own research. The pain problem I've had with doctors is that they test me, see that my hearing is fine, and then give me a random diagnosis that doesn't match my symptoms like Meniere's disease. This is not Meniere's disease. No doctor is willing to listen to all my symptoms and how they have developed, and no doctor wants to work with me to figure this out.

      I am not the only person with this condition, as a quick search of "static sound in ear" will bring up a lot of similar descriptions. I need help. Does anyone know what this could be? Does anyone know any good doctors that might work WITH me and listen to me (I live in Austin, TX).

      Thanks for your time.
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      Sounds like you have diplacusis and hyperacusis as well as tinnitus. You could try supplements like Magnesium L-Threonate to see if it helps. Although you’re sure it’s not Meniere's, it could still be Cochlear Hydrops. I’d try a non loop diuretic for a little while just to see if it helps. That way at least you’ll know.

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