Hearing Swooshing/Thudding Noise When Turning to Right Side in Bed

Discussion in 'Support' started by Hevn, May 4, 2020.

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      Hello Peeps! Dealing with a weird one here - hoping if I can get any advice :)

      I've been struggling with tinnitus since Dec of 2019 (constant noise only on left ear).
      The ENT I saw did not find any hearing loss and thinks it may be TMJ related and recommended a muscle relaxant and a mouth guard which didn't help much.

      Fast forward to now, as of maybe a week ago I've noticed that I hear a rather loud noise, like a door slam while I was sleeping. It makes me wake up and kind of confused as what has happened - then I just fall asleep again.

      After around the 3rd time I've been more conscious of it and started paying close attention to what is triggering it. After two weeks I've finally realized that this noise only comes from my left ear, a couple of seconds after I turn to my right (from back position to side position) in bed. The sound is more like swooosh ~ as if something fell down and hit the floor - THUD. The only time I would hear this is when I lie on my right, happens only once and it's done for that moment.

      Hope I'm not going crazy haha. Any help would be appreciated.


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