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      Hello, 29 year old year, soon to be 30 in a few months. Big one coming up! :O

      I suffer from fairly loud tinnitus. Much of my hearing damage probably comes from many parts of my lifestyle. Loud music, praticing guitar without earplugs (won't be doing that anymore!) as well as living in a city, working in loud restaurants and for noisy crowded events for money, etc. going to raves and parties a lot.

      I've never taken hearing seriously until roughly 18 months ago. Before I shrugged off loud music as harmless. Since then I started 'noticing' a high-pitched whine in my ears, and from then on it has been exhausting. Difficult to sleep, difficult to concentrate and everything else. Maybe the tinnitus has been going on for longer than I expected but I just blocked it out. Obviously standing next to an amp and playing heavy metal will do some damage, but I never thought it would be permanent! How daft is that!

      As a guy you learn to 'bear with' adversary, but the high pitch noise never shuts up. Sometimes it fluctuates - this is hard to describe. Other times, it can disappear completely if I gulp, sneeze or choke, and then comes back again. The doctor has cleared out my ear but the ringing still persists. I haven't seen a specialist.

      Anyway enough about me, will be reading your posts on the forum, thanks for reading!
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      I'm a year younger than you. Let me know how it feels to turn 30!

      It seems you have enjoyed your twenties! Of course it's a shame it has come at a cost. I'd blame the nonexistent awareness regarding chronic tinnitus.

      The Global Tinnitus Survey's (feel free to complete it) results so far suggest that more than half didn't know of the condition before acquiring it.

      Fluctuations are also very common. And weirdest of the reasons can cause tinnitus to fluctuate. Trying to figure out common denominators is futile - variations between people are huge.

      Oh, and welcome to the forums! I hope we can be of interest for you to enjoy your stay.
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      Maybe loud music. Not sure.
      Hey reed, 29 here also and i can relate to your story.

      I also have tinnitus from prolonged exposure to loud music but i have used special earplugs since forever.

      I think my case is more related to 2 situations here i was subject to a very loud feedback loop while setting up the music studio with unprofessional people. Only in my right ear though. I play bass and guitar, i have a superb Fender 50' precision bass and a Gibson es335 that i love ;) I also own a valve fender hotrod amp that has a magnificent sound but is completely useless if you don't use earplugs :(

      I also think using earbuds and headphones is not so good for the ears. You really need to use them not more than 50% volume on an ipod for example.

      I don't think much can be done for our cases if you go see a specialist but there are tons of research being done: AM101 which may be available in 2 or 3 years, other chemical stuff, some notched acoustic therapy, magnesium, living a healthier lifestyle, cutting off the use of earbuds, buying custom molded earplugs (i have those, around $150), etc

      What kind of music are you into ?
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