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    1. Maz

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      Well the quick low down on my T is that one morning back in March 2009 I woke up with the sound of crickets, a range of pitches and in my left ear that are constant, waving in and out and chirping in my right ear. The level of noise is loud enough to effect me all the time. If I get a cold, am run down or feeling tired the volume raises and sometimes it is hard to hear the TV. Suffered the depression at the begining, the crying, the why me and managed to make it through. Still have bad times, but allow myself to wallow in my mysery for a little bit then slap myself out of it... luckily those days are becoming fewer and far between.

      This quick low down is turning into an essay! Ha!

      I work in a primary school and have a busy life which is good to take away the focus of the noise.

      Will be nice to have contacts with new people who can relate :)
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    2. jon

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      Edinburgh Scotland
      "Slap yourself out of it"
      Yes i totally know that one. And sometimes its the only way to move.
      You teach- Amazing amount of patience you must have also. Respect to you for such a profession. What do you teach?
      I find now that Im steady in a fantastic relationship that really helps. The heart to heart IS SO IMPORTANT. Its annoying some folk just dont get that relationships have to be honest and understanding. Faffing about with just ignoring the T is a farce to the core. As I understand it we are lucky to have this condition since it is the sound of our body. Everyone will get it eventually. We are just early birds, and these are our inner tunes!
    3. AUTHOR

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      Hi there,
      Thank you, I work mainly with a special needs child. Behavior and learning difficulties. Keeps me on my toes!
      I'm happily married with a son, have very supportive family, friends and totally agree, fantastic relationships do help. Although they cannot truely comprehend the tinnitus, they are patient and caring, even on my bad days!
      I must admit tho, not sure I feel lucky to have T, would love to have a bit of real silence when I choose.

      How long have you had tinnitus?
    4. Allevous

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      For the longest time I asked myself "why me", it was tough to accept that I'm not getting rid of the constant swishing and intermittent ringing. Years later I've come to accept it but it still bothers me especially under situations I need to perform tasks that require max concentration.

      Maz, your tinnitus seems to have started really spontaneously (waking up after a good night's sleep? huh! :(. How is your hearing otherwise, do you have any hearing loss?
    5. AUTHOR

      Maz Member

      Hi Jonathon,
      Yes it just started for me, no loud noises to set it off, no prolonged exposure to noise, just woke up with it. When I went to the ENT for hearing tests they showed considerable hearing loss over a certain pitch. Said that looking at my hearing test results they would be fitting for a 60+ year old, with usual hearing loss over time. So they decided that I must have been born with a high pitch hearing loss at birth?? To be honest I have never really had any hearing problems growing up, even played the flute and the doctors seemed very surprised that I have lead a "normal life" I have however in recent years noticed that I couldn't hear certain pitches so maybe the onset of tinnitus made it seem worse??? So, really I have no answer why?? Why did it happen now, and I still do not know why my T started. Doc's can't answer me really. MRI's clear.
      My general hearing is ok, for lower tones i'd say excellent. The tinnnitus makes it difficult for me to hear in group situations - lot of people talking or a lot of background noise. I find I have to really be focusing on a person to hear them. Must admit I can't really be bothered with big group situations like parties as it's too much work to hear everything.... thank goodness for the bar!! haha!
      I agree with you, I spent a lot of time (and still do on the odd occassion) wondering why me! It really sucks, and impossible to explain to others who don't suffer. It just never goes away, and even writing about it now has escalated the volume! Oh Joy! o_O

      How about you? Do you know why yours started?
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      Wallowing in misery hits me most of the times at night when trying to get some sleep. Later not so often though thanks to the ways of sound enrichment.

      Hmm, I wonder about the night aspect of it all. I've read people waking up to sudden sensorineural hearing loss, or to the new tones of the inner ear, sometimes both. Why is that, technically speaking intrigues me. Some processes happening during the night triggers something... Maybe...? Or just a coincidence like so many things in life.

      Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hi. Welcome, even if I'd rather not welcome anyone here, no one really deserves this condition. Hopefully someday we can all pack our bags and go get this treated somehow :)
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    7. AUTHOR

      Maz Member

      Thanks, yes it would be nice to get rid of this someday :)

      Maybe there are changes at night because, once asleep, you are truely relaxed?? I don't know.. hmmmh?
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    8. Allevous

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      Clubbing was the biggest reason... but I had my ears lanced on a few occasions and lots of ear infections as a kid, maybe they played a part in making me more susceptible to tinnitus..? LOUD LOUD music and gigs I blame most, all my own fault aof course. :mad:

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