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      just found this board I’m 56 and have had tinnitus since December of 07. At first it was only the tinnitus then in time I had pressure in my left ear. As time has progressed I have ear pain, headaches, vertigo and jaw pain. I’ve tried just about everything to get rid of this because it has ruined my life. Seldom can I go anywhere because of the way I feel and loud noise also makes mine worse. I get bitter because I can’t do the things I want and just want my life back. I hate taking anything for the pain but after several days I break down and take meds then endure a few more days of pain before I give in again. My girlfriend just had surgery to remove the lower lobe of her left lung and three ribs due to lung cancer so I can’t seek anymore medical attention for several months her surgeon actually gave me a contact a doctor that is a DMD, MD and FACS. I hope to see as soon as I can.

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      Hello Blair.

      I am very sorry that you are having a hard time. Also greatest sympathies for your girlfriend.

      I know it's extremely difficult but have you tried finding what could be the underlying cause of your tinnitus? Your jaw pain should give a good clue to your doctor. There is a disorder called TMJD that can cause all your symptoms.

      Best of luck Blair!
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      Thanks for the reply

      So far my focus has been with ENTs and neurologist and 2 trips to the Shea Ear Clinic in Memphis for their "profusion" of the ear which yielded no results and have also had several CT Scans and 2 MRIs only recently I've looked into a connection between my TMJ and the issues I have. This board reconfirms that. Actually my gf surgeon recommend a doctor that works with facial nerves. I'm going to try to get into see him when I can when my gf heals more she just had surgery on the10th of last month. You guys can relate alli want is my life back.


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