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      Hi everyone. I have had tinnitus in my left ear for nearly a year now, and have also been treated for TMJD during that time. It took some time to link the two problems, but I'm now reasonably sure that's what it is. I've read Claire Davies' book on trigger point massage (especially the passages linking lateral pterygoid trigger points with tinnitus) and I've also been seeing a massage therapist 2x a week for facial massage. She tells me that she can indeed feel a tight knot in the lateral ptergyoid, unfortunately it is stubbornly refusing to release. The T gets worse a day or two after a treatment and then subsides somewhat for a day or two after that, and then seems to return to its usual level. I'm hoping that if I stick with it it will reduce permanently.
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      @Bill L
      A Breaking Bad picture. I've never watched the show but watched some highlights on youtube.
      Looks like a great show. Chemistry is always an intriguing science.

      Anyway welcome to this forum.
      I wish you weren't here, I mean I wish you never had this Tinnitus, like,,,,, all of us.
      You mentioned the lateral pterygoid? That's over my head, what ever it is.
      Anyway, to have your T reduced permanently, that would a very good thing.
      Good luck with that.

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