Hello and I Developed Tinnitus While Having a Hearing Test in My Doctors Office 20 Years Ago.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Sandy B, Mar 17, 2016.

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      hearing test set off
      Hello and I keep hoping there will be a cure for tinnitus one day for us. For 20 years it never leaves me but mostly I ignor the low to higher pitched sounds, from ringing to water running sounds. I notice salt and sugar make the unwanted sounds louder. Nothing to date has helped of all the various methods I have tried to cure or at least ease up the noise. The hearing doctor told me no help from him. So I tried castor oil in the ears and oral, thumping, white noise, subliminal, face tapping, on and on. Still the same. Mostly I just ignor and do not focus on this problem. It is what it is concept... So hoping to learn more from this site. Sandy B
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      Welcome, Sandy! I had no idea one could get T due to having a hearing test. What did your doctor at the time say about it?

      Some of us, like you, have been dealing with T for decades. Keeping some kind of sound going at all times, even if it's singing or talking out loud, probably keeps many of us relatively calm despite the constant T annoyance. I have multiple cheap phones that I keep charged for that purpose. Even if a few have dead batteries, there are others ready to be used. Silence is not my best friend. ;)

      There are many people on various sites who will say such-and-such pill or liquid or powder or oil or whatever worked for them, but I have yet to hear of anything like that truly working. If it did, the organizations would focus on those miracle substances instead of spending gobs of money trying things that can only be tried in laboratories. I am confident, however, that within my lifetime there will be a cure. I used to not think that, but progress with finding cures is being made. It just takes time.

      There's a lot to learn from this site and I hope you find answers to your questions. The people here are incredibly supportive, and we all know what each other is going through for the most part.
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      Loud Indoor Rock Concert
      I'm telling you guys, it's contagious. I noticed this when i read a story about a guy who developed T just by learning some of his friends had it. The guy started listening to understand whether he had ringing before sleep, obsessed about it and voila, developed T.

      After i developed T, this was pretty much my only discussion with my wife at home. One day she told me that she heard ringing as well. I was so freaked out that i talked with anyone about my T. I was to AM101 site recently for injections and even after i returned home i did not talk about it with my wife.
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      Acoustic Trauma
      That's why we need more T awareness: commercials telling people to cover their ears and listen for T, doctors asking patients if they ever hear ringing during their physicals. That way everyone can start hearing tinnitus and we can get a real push for a cure!
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      I suspect there are a lot of people who have had it for years but have no idea what it is. Mine started when I was a teenager but wasn't consistent and only could be heard in very quiet rooms. I thought it was interesting and would focus on it, making it seem to get louder until I thought maybe I'd go deaf from it. After making some noises in my room it would disappear until I focused on it again. If only I'd known then what it was going to slowly develop into.... lol

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