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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Anne89, Jun 22, 2016.

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      Ear infections and/or noise exposure
      Hello everyone, I'm very happy to have found this forum, seems like a great community :)

      I've developed tinnitus around 4 years ago, possibly due to stress, ear infections (which I had quite often as a kid and also as an adult) and listening to loud music on headphones. So I can pretty much tick of all the boxes for tinnitus vulnerability:

      - fear of developing tinnitus (I heard about it on the news and was really frightened by the idea of ever getting this)
      - loud music exposure
      - ear infections
      - neurotic personality

      My question is not really about tinnitus itself but about ear pain that plays up whenever I'm stressed, under the weather, or just whenever it seems to feel like it. Do other people have this as well? It's kind of a nagging, pressure pain, and at the end of the day my ears may feel pretty warm. I often cool them with something cold to get some relief. I'm pretty sure I don't have hyperacusis since I have been tested for that and I could tolerate pretty high sound levels without problems. I also don't seem to have an ear infection, since those have been much more intense for me. There are often signs of under-pressure on my ear drum that show up (with a tympanometry) whenever I go to an ENT but all they do is prescribe me nose spray that doesn't help at all.. When I tell them this pain is chronic they never offer any solution besides that it may be caused by recurring colds or is 'simply' psychosomatic.
      The pain, even though it's not sharp but more of a continuous strain, is getting to me much more than tinnitus ever has, and I'm very sad about the prospect of having to live on painkillers forever :(

      Would love to hear your experiences or ideas on this.


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