Hello, Experiencing Tinnitus and Sharp Headaches

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by vishal sharma`, Mar 3, 2016.

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      Hello I am experiencing Tinnitus and sharp headaches mainly on center of head. My ENT doc said it will never go away eat B12 and try to live with it. It has gone from bad to worse . another test said my right ear has deafness, I have MRI due on march 9th which cost crazy but i have to do it. has any one ever cured this hell? I will appreciate any comments and replies. i am taking Lipoflavanoid.
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      Listening to in-ear headphones & playing in a band
      Hello Vishal. I'm glad you've reached out on this site. A few things:

      1) You write unknown but can you recall when you first started experiencing your "Tinnitus"? Were there any events you were apart of before you started hearing this sound?

      2) What do you mean by deafness? Did you visit an audiologist and receive an audiogram for your hearing test, if you took one?

      3) I strongly recommend that if you are getting an MRI done, wear very good ear protection. Unless you are getting a silent MRI, which they are fairly new and there's only a few out there, your MRI is going to be very very loud. You are usually given ear plugs at the appointment but I recommend some even more heavy duty protection if possible.

      4) Sadly Vishal, there are no cures yet for what you have and there probably won't be any for quite a while still. There are just way to many questions still needed to be answered about what is called "Tinnitus". The only solution to what you have is a lifestyle adjustment. There are many healthy habits you can pick up now that may help you keep moving on in life.

      If you want I can link you to many articles and documents if you have any more questions about this symptom.

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