Hello Fellow Sufferers. Mentally Destabilized.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Davekyn, Jul 14, 2013.

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      Hello friends,
      I'm not sure where to start. The noise currently in my head, is a very loud high pitch mass of crickets with one long tone that does not waver. Typically as night draws closer, that sound gets louder.

      I've pretty much had this noise in my head for many years. I am 44 years of age, Male and currently rather obese and not mentally stable. Whilst I am sure my long Term Depression, Generalized Anxiety, Social Phobia, Bi/polar Tendencies and unhealthy eating habits contribute to my Tinnitus, other factors no doubt may include such as, working in factories, outdoor power tools, loud music, constant headphone use (especially buds whilst running long distances) and a passion for my home theater. Other health related issues from being Obese, include Reflux, Esophagitis, Liver/Skin eczema/inflammation and rashes all combined with general lack of energy. One other concern I also have is a "deviated septum" (Broken Nose) that seems to be impacting on my sinus's. That combined with the reflux and Esophagitis make sleeping difficult for me. Lack of o2 and something I fear is adding to my failing health. Sorry to go on about so much of my ailments, however I would think some of you might know how important it is to asses ones health with regard to weighing up the variables that so often either add to or create a new problem. I really don't know and burbling all this out, is simply just letting myself know, that I have to start making some serious changes as to how I treat myself. I can honestly see how this kind of suffering can lead people to regress quite badly and even contemplate suicide. I'm not much into pumping people up with positivity and nor am I into receiving it light heatedly with comparisons of how easy it can be for others ... such only serves to drive the noise in my head all the more. LOL ... I now chuckle as whilst this sounds rather a negative outlook for some ... it's more the way I deal with things as a realist. Coping Mechanisms seems to be the cry of the day. Alas ... Positive I strive to be. Yes this is a long post ... it's helping those little crickets in my head simmer down some. I've also read how some people use their Tinnitus to gauge their health ... perhaps that's my angle as well.

      Here's the thing:

      It was about a month after I started taking an antidepressant called setraline (I think that's the name). I'm not very good at remembering things at all and hopeless with numbers and or knowing what they days are. (more likely because I really don't care for it or live a life that runs the mill)

      Whilst out camping, I sat staring into space then suddenly asked my friend if he could hear the crickets. "NO" was the response. I pondered on this reminiscing those times I used to zone out, with what I thought sounded like ringing in my ears. I did later Google the side effects of antidepresnats and found Tinnitus listed for some folk. I also note that some people seek antidepressants to help with their tinnitus. I was on them for about a year and actually ended up becoming more depressed. Long story short, for me such meds are only used when I have a melt down. Meds can present a host of new problems when people become to reliant and or dependent on them.

      SO ... Basically since about a year ago ... The Crickets have been pretty much non stop and getting louder and louder. I do note* Currently my body is under a lot of strain as I am exercising my very unhealthy body and also have changed my diet from fast food to more whole foods.

      I understand a little about how taxing this can be and it's all about balance. When it comes to pushing myself which is in fact required for some of us depressed folk to get moving again ... But alas, finding the off switch is sometimes engaged by otherwise unnecessary injuries.

      At the moment ... I am cold pressing Pineapple as I read somewhere on the tinnitus Googling episodes that such is good for blood circulation. I have a good press I spent quite a bit on. I remember well when I was drinking the Green Juice, eating the nuts and skipping all the bad fats and dairy. My hair started to feel as though it was conditioned every night, my finger nails grew quickly and my inflamed, dry, flaky skin that so often burns on my face started to disappear and my beard started to grow as if conditioned too. I got to say ... Juicing Veggies like that really does wonders for the body. Why did I stop then?

      Like everything else I have done up till now ... it happens in highs and lows ... an extremest and or perfectionist if you like. Potato Couch to 5km and then on to 20k until I hit my usual pits that with each passing year, become deeper and take longer to crawl back out of. It's easy for people to tell me to take a pill ... been there done that. The Pill like eating and exercising can only do so much for so long. Balance is no doubt the elusive key.

      Finding balance in an unbalanced world ... it's like trying to find peace and quiet in one filled with conflict and continuous noise. I'm soon to move out of this city we now find ourselves in. It's not that I've been running & in fact have suffered a good 18 years in such a squeeze. It's just one of the symptoms in that long list above. One needs to be identified and rectified. We have a goal with only 18months left to go ... then we shall be rid of all this noise, pollution, traffic, waiting lines, people pressing up and passing by with those ingrain looks chasing the next day that never comes ... (I'd like to change my point of view ... Grim as I know it is)

      Lal la la laaaa ... that's the way it goes. Time to prep my clothes for that 5am walk and trot in the cold. No doubt in a slump and whilst I can appreciate where ever it is that you may live, that things may in fact be quite honky dory for you, despite my perspective ... I do wish the very best for you and may that incessant noise that troubles many of us so ... become like an accepted friend that dulls the suffering with strength that glows.


      Nice to meet ya's
      Dave. (not doing so well) ... but remain open ... and try to be hopeful. Battle has just begun. ;)
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      Something I said? Perhaps not for me.
      Best of luck guys.
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      Just seen this.. I wonder if you made people wary of responding with this:

      > nor am I into receiving it light heatedly with comparisons of how easy it can be for others

      A lot of the initial responses tend to be reassurance of some kind, but you kind of rejected that.

      However, I would like to reassure you - if this is early days for you then you have great reason to hope and expect better days ahead.

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      You're right. 109 people viewed Dave's post (myself included), and we probably were not sure how to respond to it.

      Dave --- I sincerely hope you're doing well. You've come to the right place for information and support, and we can reassure you that most of us do better, with time. If you are new to tinnitus, there is much reason for hope!!
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      Thank The Stars ... Hi Guys. I agree it was probably something I said. I have not been doing well at all. Sorry I seem to of dumped as I have, but don't really know what to do of late.

      Perhaps being so open about my mental health issues is also a bit off putting for people. Unfortunately the Tinnitus is reaching a point for me that makes my anxiety worse. Just know, that I mean no harm despite sounding somewhat defensive when mentioning I don't like comparisons. I often alienate myself ... none the less very grateful for the response given here.

      ANYWAYS ... The tinnitus has become quite worse for me.

      I had to have a review on my 12 month mental health plan. To get further government assistance for another 6 visits with my therapist. I have rolled over two plans now, and will most likely be doing it a 3rd time as well.

      The GP wanted me to go back on the antidepressants that I had stopped taking. The reason I went off them was because they set of what was once just a mild ring into a rather always present sounding ring as well as a host of other Negative side effects ...

      Not having any confidence about myself at all, I simply just agreed and gave it a try. I was put back onto 100mg dose of setraline and began to feel sick and could not sleep properly with the RINGING in my ears Skyrocketing!!!

      On the 3rd day ... my wife and I agreed to simply give the meds a flick and stick with the healthy eating and walking which was actually helping to reduce the volume level. Again, I only agreed as I don't like to mess people about when doing plans with me, but just could not stand the sick feeling the meds did to me and the effect it was having on my Tinnitus...

      Unfortunately the ringing is still extremely loud, as if I am coming off antidepressants all over again. The meds may have their use ... but know that they actually dull brain cells the same way alcohol does as well. It's like a slow anesphetic and long term use causes irrecoverable damage. I'm done messeing with my brain and these tablets.

      What makes me sadder is how many doctors minimize my efforts without medication. I fear when I bring up the tinnitus, that I will not be taken seriously. However I still intend to push my point home, when I visit this doctor ... "this time with my wife for a little extra support" and will simply just have to go to another to get help if I am to be ignored for having once again, wanting to give the meds the flick.

      FORGIVE THE LONG POST YET AGAIN ... I am starting to get very fatigued a lot now ... and almost feel like vomiting when I can't shut up the noise. I can still hear the ringing when I am driving with the window down, over the roar of my OLD diesel engine, the mass of rolling tires and wind blowing through the truck.

      Before such outdoor sounds and the like used to ease it some, but the bouts of consistent and louder Rining is really starting to wear me down. I had to put both hands over my ears during a disagreement with the family, because every time I feel a little angst the tinnitus starts to scream all the more louder and I know not how to calm myself as I used too ... no doubt I shall go back to the basics of breathing and all that stuff ...

      Feeling a bit dizzy now actually, because its been a few solid hours without repreive ... (you know ... when its only rings slightly less loud ... LOL hahahahahahahaaaaaaaa) I try to keep my chin up because I know to well how concentrating on something like this only makes it worse.

      Fortunately the only help I can get is by exposing myself to more loud noise...or at least noise ... therin lies the problem ... I have not slept well for days now ... my mind is simply over strung from continual exsposure to noise ... much of which is either the telly, radio, computer, traffic, and so on ... always go go go go go go ... that in itself is driving me insane as anytime I catch a glimpse of silence ... the frequency of the ringing seems to of intensified. No longer crickets but simply a higher pitch than before with now a new sound that has developed when I sleep on my side. Kind of like a pulsating Hum of lover pitch ... If people don't speak directly at me, I just pretend to hear them now.

      Will have to write some of this down, as my memory makes it so hard to bring these things up with the doctors ... but as you know ... they are so damn quick to prescribe pills, that I never seem to get the chance to tell them all this, and when I do, they seem to just acknowledge me as if I we simply agreeing to someone else that I could not hear.

      That's my spiel thus far ...

      If I find a way to calm this ... and or myself ... I pass on some tips ... but for now...I'm kind of just a casualty with not much more than a bit of senseless ranting going on.

      Thank You both for your kind words.

      I also found another place where I might go and have a ramble as well ... or at least commiserate as best I can.

      Peace as much as we can know it.
      Dave. ;)
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      Must be a culture thing. I'm sure it is.

      So ... After saying all that, I am on new meds ... To cope!!!

      I too am going insane to some degree.
      Hope your all doing OK?

      LA LA LA
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      Only 7 hits ... bit to slow guys.
      Wiping the history and removing from favorites. I actually needed support like yesterday, not when I wine about the forum.

      Have fun Kids. ;)
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      You are not the only one who suffers here.
      Everyone tries their best to offer support to others - while maybe trying to receive some themselves. Depending on time constraints and other circumstances, it can take a while to get responses. There aren't paid professionals here, nor is there always a logic behind how many replies a certain discussion will attract.

      To be honest, some people may find your latest remark a bit rude and off-putting.

      While you have the right to your opinion, politeness is a virtue.

      If you decide to return, please read the Netiquette of Tinnitus Talk.

      Besides all that, I read your posts and noticed your situation is a complex one.
      You suffer from a multitude of psychological and physiological conditions, which probably require treatments of their own.

      I'm not a medical professional, but the layman in myself thinks that the fact that you are seeing a therapist is a positive thing. Have you discussed tinnitus with her/him?

      I don't have anything miraculous to offer. You know as well as I do that currently the treatment options for tinnitus are limited, and something like Tinnitus Retraining Therapy may be one of the best options to check out.

      I wish you well on your endeavors, and I hope you'll start to see some light at the end of the tunnel sooner rather than later.

      Peace and love,
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      Hi Dave, hope you're feeling better. Try taking camomile tea ( night blend ) For sleep. I take twining's brand. Helps have a calm peaceful sleep. Take care and best wishes.

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