Hello, I Have Tinnitus Out of Unknown Reasons.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Daniel333, Mar 10, 2016.

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      So for some reason that I don't know, on second of february this year I started having tinnitus. It appeared during the night/early morning. I wanted to go to sleep and realized that there was a non-stop ringing like a broken TV in my head, and that I could feel constant pressure in my ears. The more I tried to go to sleep, the louder it became, and the more my head started to burn. I ended up sleeping only 2 hours from 10am, and this has repeated itself since.

      I went to a couple of doctors 6 days after it appeared, and I got told after a check-out that my ears look fine and that because my neck looked a bit red and it seems like I was coming down with something, they concluded that it was out of a virus and that it should be gone within 2 or 3 weeks at most. However, more than one month later, it's still here. And to make it worse, while it felt as if it was getting quieter for a while, now it's louder than ever. I cannot go to sleep, I can't concentrate as well, and I am going to go to the doctor again as soon as possible whenever I manage to get a booking in.

      I tried a few tricks, but they didn't work. Does anyone here know any treatment that would work for a situation that sounds like mine? Thanks for reading.
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      Possibly stress
      Hey Daniel,

      I am pretty much in the same boat as you. I got tinnitus out of nowhere in January and it just turned on like a switch in the middle of the night. It seriously sucks! As far as dealing with it, you kind of just have to habituate by yourself. Easier said than done I know! I would recommend playing background noise whilst you try to sleep, you could download some white noise apps onto your phone and then just play them whilst you are in bed and see if they help, a lot of people find comfort from that. My other tip would just be to try and keep busy, the more you concentrate on the tinnitus and stress about it the louder it gets! So find ways to keep yourself entertained, exercising, social activities, work/studying etc…I have been told that the latest research suggests that everybody has tinnitus as your brain just normally projects the tinnitus type audio we hear but different life events can trigger people to hear it and become aware of it, but apparently you can retrain your brain to not hear the noises anymore. Have you had any stress in your life recently? Apparently my tinnitus could be stress related and research shows a lot of links between stress and tinnitus.
      Let's hope our tinnitus disappears soon!
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      Diagnosed with high pitch hearing loss, both ears, right is worse
      Read the many valuable posts here on this site. They are full of information you may not get from a health professional. Good luck. I will add that in the beginning of my T/PT I took my already prescribed anti anxiety pill. Lorazepam. You may want to consider something like this in order to cope if it becomes too much. A year later, I take half a pill only when necessary. It does get better.
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      Ear infection
      Hi ,
      Just to let you both know, when tinnitus first comes it is of course very frightening, some people can get it for a few months and it goes , if it doesn't the tone will settle as you get used to it, I remember I was mortified and totally panic stricken when I realised that I had tinnitus and I couldn't escape it, I tried music CDs under my pillows ear phones but I yearned for silence, one day I turned the cd off got into bed and was so exhausted I fell asleep, over I have had tinnitus since 1985, it changes but it will not kill you, it is normal to feel afraid when you experience something so alien, I treat tinnitus now as part of who I am, I try to go with it and not fight it, the tone will become less important and def quite down a little att the moment your body is responding on high alert mode, the same as if a smoke alarm went off, deep breath try to relax and carry on doing things you love, your tinnitus will become far less important .

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