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      Original tinnitus occurred 30 years ago after concert. Since initial tinnitus, I have had 6 different occasions where I was in wrong place, wrong time where I spiked it up in volume: In the prior 5 times, I was able to fully habituate myself (to be able to enjoy silence again) within several months or so with pretty much constant ambient sounds (music, mostly). This most recent spike (which occurred 9 months ago) has been real challenging and difficult to begin to get habituated to. My hyperacusis has gone away, (thankfully) but the tinnitus volume and annoyance level are still both at level "10" (or even "11"!). I have just started two self-made sound therapies: neuromonics and notched sound. I am hopeful that one or both of these treatments will begin my habituation process. I am cautiously optimistic because I have been able to habituate before, but will not be sure until I have some improvement.....I have seen a great deal of support and good advice/recommendations on this site, and I am hopeful I can provide some help, assistance, and support to those who need it.....
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      04/15/2012 or earlier?
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      Most likely hearing loss
      Welcome Biggy.....30 years is quite a long time to have T and the fact that you have habituated every time there was a change leads me to believe you will again. I think habituation times are different for everyone and can vary from a few months up to 24 months or longer so you are well within this range.

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