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      Hi there :)! Around somewhere in September I noticed a noise in my right ear and at first I didn't know what to do. After searching endlessly for an answer I came across this forum and realized that I was not the only one having a ringing noise in my ear. Only problem for me is that eventually the noise showed up in my Other ear. Eventually in October, I went to an ENT doctor and the doctor diagnosed me with tinnitus with a slight hearing loss in my left ear. Funny thing about my T is that on some days it's loud enough to make me depressed yet on other days my T is low to the point which I don't even noticed I even have the T. Only thing I need to ask is that is there a way to prevent my T from getting worse?

      Wow :eek:! I may have ramble about my T a little too much.
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      I'm not sure how to answer as I'm only about 2 months into T. I know that its a good idea to protect your ears in noisy environments (ear plugs). I take them with me in my purse in case. Be careful of ototoxic medications now also. I'm sure more knowledgeable people will give you some of their tips. Meanwhile browse around you may read some other things that will be helpful to you also.

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