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      It all started 3 years ago, almost exactly.
      It was December and my ears had been itching for quite a while. One night I was about to sleep and the ear started to get itchy I got really pissed and pulled my finger in to scratch it and pulled out. The moment I pulled out I could feel something move and suddenly a high pitch ringing started followed up by a feeling of clogged ear. The sound was so damn loud I can't even believe how I managed to sleep back then. Anyway, it took me about 3 months to figure out it was full of ear wax and got it all cleaned up. The ringing would then decrease overtime but due to my concerns I believe new symptoms arrived. It never went back to zero ringing and from time to time I would get these insane spikes that would last a few seconds to hours. Waking up to them was the worst.
      Some time passed and a new symptom arrived. I would occasionally get asynchronous tinnitus that didn't match my pulse. I later figured out it was due to some pressure in my ear. For instance it helped if I pushed a finger in the ear or lied down with that ear. After some time it would go away and come again, and so it went on.

      Now after 3 years with these "minor" problems a new symptom started once again.
      I would sometimes, when lying on a side get a funny feeling in the ear of sand moving. This would make sound synchronous with my hearth beat.
      Then shortly later after a nights-out the ringing you'll get didn't quite go away and yet a little stronger than my previous tinnitus, and this time on the left ear.

      So today I live with these symptoms;
      Moderate tinnitus in left ear. (and minor in right)
      Asynchronous tinnitus in right ear from time to time.
      synchronous tinnitus in both ear occasionally. ( could be objective tinnitus)
      spontaneous super-loud tinnitus at random that last a few moments.
      And sometimes twitching inside the ear. ( the muscles moving)
      It seems my ringing gets a bit louder from all audio source for a few seconds.

      Anyone has something familiar?

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