Help! Braces & Ear Vibrations — Are the Vibration Sensations Dangerous?

Discussion in 'Support' started by thenetherlands, Apr 3, 2020.

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      Hey there, I have had fixed metal braces since November.

      I just came back from the orthodontist and they adjusted my braces. I already had ear pressure/ear crackling/tinnitus, but after adjusting them, my ears feel like they are vibrating! Ear pressure and everything is the same. It's worse in my left ear. My front teeth don't fit well on my bottom teeth, they aren't centered. The front teeth are more to the right. The problems are worse in my left ear.

      Are the vibration sensations in my ears dangerous? It also sounded like a bee was in my left ear, for a couple of seconds.

      Please help, I could use some advice because I do not know what to do! I can't go to my orthodontist regularly because of the coronavirus outbreak.

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