Help Choosing a Laser for LLLT (Low-Level Laser Therapy)

Discussion in 'Support' started by missingsilence, Dec 19, 2018.


Which laser should I get?

  1. Dr. Wilden Lux Spa Laser

  2. Konftec Laser (660nm + 808nm)

  3. Lucky Laser

  4. Something else (write in comments)

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    1. missingsilence

      missingsilence Member Benefactor

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      Who am I kidding, its got to be noise :/
      Hi everyone,

      As Christmas approaches I plan to get myself a laser to try LLLT on my ears.

      It seems I have three options:

      1. Dr. Wilden's Lux Spa Laser (660nm, 50mW)

      2. Konftec emlas ear laser (808nm, 90mW + 660nm, 60mW)

      3. Lucky Laser (a lot more powerful than either of above)

      I'm currently considering the Konftec combo, I've looked over the LLLT threads but still can't make a conclusive decision.

      The Konftec would be the cheapest option while being stronger than the Dr. Wilden laser.

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    2. vlad2019

      vlad2019 Member

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      acoustic trauma
      Why not 100mW Tinnitool? :}
    3. Juan

      Juan Member

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      Several causes
      I think you are just going to waste your money. If a laser could fix tinnitus or hyperacusis all major hospitals in the world would have it, and they don't.

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