Help Me Find Some Hopeful Success Stories Matching My Tinnitus and Hearing Loss Severity?

Discussion in 'Support' started by tarmaced, Jul 19, 2019.

    1. tarmaced

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      2004 (mild) 2018 (not so mild)
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      Ear infections, compounded by noise exposure
      Hi all,

      I have 30 dB hearing loss (at some frequencies) that was partially inflicted through ear infections and partially through motorcycle riding and a headphone incident. The hearing loss I can cope with, the tinnitus I can not. I have hyperacusis or phonophobia at Dyson hand-dryer sound levels. I only protect my ears from noise I need to (e.g. motorcycle).

      I am very desperate at the moment. I have had bad tinnitus for 6 months now and feel no closer to managing. I will soon be having a very capable nutritionist look at me - this has done wonders for me in the past, so I have some degree of hope in this respect. I am also very interested in current developments, am being proactive in maintaining a line to my ENT and my Dr and trying a hypnotherapists services.

      I have this hearing loss and tinnitus that I fail to mask at the moment, even with white noise or crickets at night. It is 1-3 tones high frequency depending on how much mind I give it. Bit of a scratchy noise. I would really like to get habituated but worry that between the severity of my tinnitus and the hearing loss this won't be possible. Does anyone know of any success stories that match tinnitus and hearing loss of this severity? I have tried browsing but know I need to limit the amount of time I spend on some parts of this forum.

      Possibly you have habituated with this level, or can think of someone else who did? I could really do with a pick-me-up thread, so anyone who can help my build one would be rated highly in my book, for what it is worth.
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      Hello. I have 35 dB loss at 6000 Hz. Developed tinnitus 7 weeks ago. I also feel like you.

      What's helped is trazodone for sleep. If I get decent sleep, the tinnitus is lower in volume. Low stress is important too.

      I have a thread under the support section called noise induced success stories that help you cope. Check it out. I refer to it often.

      Hang in there. It should go through positive changes if you continue to protect your ears (although extremely gradually... like every 3 weeks or so maybe... and I mean gradual!)
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    3. Chinmoku

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      Started with a cold, possibly worsened by medication/noise
      I'm in a similar boat. High pitched loud hiss that can be heard over anything and cannot be masked. Even worse, masking attempts irritate it.
      For success stories, I like this one from @billie48 , from what I read his tinnitus is very loud and he had anxiety problems before getting it. A very heartening success story.
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    4. BrStan@

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      Acoustic trauma
      Yes you can habituate no problem. My hearing loss is 70 dB at 8 kHz. My declining start at 4 kHz. As you can see no masking helps here. The masking further irritates it. 4 years ago my tinnitus went to extreme loud level. Within 6-9 months I was back on track habituated.

      Then 1 month ago MRI further damaged my ears and tinnitus increased again. After that driving a car with double ear protection further damaged my ears. On top of everything I have 1 year old baby that screams a lot. I have no single day without trauma caused to my ears. No recovery is possible as trauma is being caused every day.

      So yes I was there 4 years ago, recovered with much more hearing loss than yours. And I also have had depression and anxiety since I was 16.
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