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      Hi friends,
      I am Prasad from India. I am an Oral Pathologist by profession.
      I have been aware of my tinnitus (although I didn't know the term then) since way back in 2002, I guess, when I was about 22 years old. Initially, it wasn't much of a problem; just a nuisance. I used to hear a gushing sound, as though water is flowing rapidly through a pipe. This was especially severe during winters, and least noticeable during summers and when I was in a noisy environment.
      Around 2007, it started becoming progressively severe (or maybe I started giving it due importance then) and I used to hear the same gushing sound almost through the day. Still, I did not give it any importance, and avoided going to a doc. In a way, I was also afraid of going to the doc.
      In the next couple of years, I started noticing a gradual reduction of hearing ability in my left ear. It changed my behavior too. In a group, I used to occupy the left most position, so that my dominant ear (right) would be able to listen to the conversations. I avoided conversations that were mere whispers, by acting as if I was distracted with something else. Even in my lecture classes, I avoided interacting with students, 'coz I was barely able to hear them.
      Finally I got the courage to acknowledge the seriousness of my condition, and visiting an ENT specialist, in 2010. Simple tests with tuning fork were done, and I was diagnosed as having conduction deafness in both ears, probably due to otosclerosis; hearing loss in my left ear was much more than in my right.
      Again, birth of my son and change of jobs resulted in me postponing my further visits to the doc. In 2013, after a constant motivation and counselling from my wife, I finally went to another ENT surgeon, who did all tests including the tuning fork chairside tests, pure tone audiometry, and impedance audiometry.
      My earlier diagnosis was confirmed. I was having bilateral otosclerosis with deafness. Considering that I was affected at a very young age, and that my brother has tinnitus, and also that my dad underwent an ear surgery (details are unknown, but he says he was given an implant in the ear) way back in the 80s, the surgeon said that it could be hereditary.
      I was advised to undergo a stapedectomy in both ears. After lots of deliberation and thinking, I finally underwent the procedure in my left year in September 2013. Today, I don't have tinnitus in the left ear. Totally free. :)
      My right ear has tinnitus even now, and I am considering getting a surgery done within the next year.
      I am here to share my experiences, and know more about the alternate treatment plans available.

      My apologies for the super extra long first post.
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      At least you are where able to cure one ear, means probably the other hear also can be cured, don't worry go ahead with the surgery. As you mentioned you are already going deaf gradually so its already a progressive condition, from my point of view nothing to lose, more like yo may benefit from taking a risk with surgery.

      Good luck and all the best. (y)
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      Good luck

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