Here to Support Where I Can with Stress Management Strategies — Tinnitus for 16 Years

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Alex Kerr, Aug 31, 2021.

    1. Alex Kerr

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      Damage cause by music and infection
      Hi everyone,

      I am Alex from East Yorkshire in the UK. I have had tinnitus since 2005 when I was relatively young at 24. Over the last 6 years I have become very interested in holistic health strategies, not just due to tinnitus but a number of other factors as well.

      I became really interested in stress management and realised that although my tinnitus caused stress, it was the combination of factors that was really hurting. Tinnitus was the trigger.

      When I started more self-care strategies and my energy levels improved, I noticed it helped with how I reacted to stress in other areas of my life and started to feel a bit more in control. I think this was the first step toward tinnitus being less stressful.

      We are such complex things so I understand its difficult to know where to begin when struggling.

      Hopefully I can help where I can.

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    2. MindOverMatter

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      Unknown (possibly stress related, and later sound induced)
      Great post @Alex Kerr.

      I could not agree more.
      It's not a cure, by no means.
      But knowing, or having some good "tools" and strategies to control stress levels, and how to react to stress, is a key factor in how to cope with tinnitus and hyperacusis.

      When we are in a "fight or flight response/mode" towards the unknown, these phantom sounds or whatever that annoys us in a varied degree (some worse of than others), I personally did find it practically impossible to take a step forward when riddled with anxiety and stress. It becomes a vicious cycle...
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