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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Worgang, Jan 25, 2016.

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      Hello everyone, a new guy enters the forum.
      I'm known as Rick in most places, and Worgang in online environments, feel free to call me whatever you like.

      I have been reading this forum for a while but never got the time to sign in and introduce myself until now, so, what brings me here is that I got tinnitus 6 months ago for abuse of the music, it was annoying at first.
      I couldn't sleep for about... two weeks I think, and then it calmed down for a while until one nose surgery make it louder. In the third month I was totally ok with it, and was no problem for my life for being normal, I haven't changed what I eat because none of it appears to influence my tinnitus in any way, actually, I believe the only changes my T have, are only of the perception kind, there's no silent days or high spikes, just the amount of attention I pay to it is what changes most of the time.
      So this is my history so far, for the moment being I feel good, and want to help other people feel the same way I do, my only problem is that my english is not perfect, so I can make mistakes and if you guys can help me by correcting them, it would be very nice.
      So again, nice to meet you and I hope we can help each other.
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      Ha, your more eloquent in your writing then most my native friends. I'm happy to read your post. Truth be told, I think I changed my diet as an effort to be happier with myself then to try to alter my T. Which in turn, altered my T. :) It was a part of my personal healing process. Welcome, Worgang!

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