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      Hi there everybody,

      So I went to a concert this past Tuesday (3 days ago) and stupidly forgot to bring earplugs. Unfortunately, I ended up standing next to the speaker all night, with my left ear pointing towards the speaker. As well, I was super congested that night, possibly with a sinus infection. Essentially, it was a perfect storm for my ears to start ringing. I felt the normal muffled ear feeling in my left ear that night and thought nothing of it.

      When I woke up the next morning, I heard a ringing in my left ear only, at around 3000 hz. It was loud enough to be annoying, but it was almost unnoticeable under normal TV listening conditions.

      Now, three days later, the ringing is still there. I went to see an ENT two days into the ringing, and they did an audiogram, showing that my hearing has somewhat dropped at 3000 hz, exactly where the ringing is. I was prescribed prednisone, and this morning was my first morning taking the prednisone. As well, I have been using flonase to try to mitigate all sings of congestion.

      This is the first time I can remember having ringing in my ear after a concert. My friend had the same problem from the exact same concert as me but said his ringing was gone rather quickly.

      I just wanted to know what everybody's thoughts about my condition are. Do you think I am doing everything I can? Is there anything else I should be doing? My parents/the doctor seem convinced that this is only temporary and will clear up, but I want to be sure.

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