Hi All — Tinnitus Since 2002 — A Few Weeks Ago Lost Some More Hearing

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Matt BRFC, Jun 14, 2019.

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      Hi. I'm Matt from Bristol (UK), not sure how this site works yet so if I make a fool of myself that's the reason.

      I have had my tinnitus in my left ear or brain since 2002, a few years after losing my Mum.

      I used to use ear plugs and I was also doing quite a bit of DIY when it started so could have been any of those things.

      I also used to drink a lot of coffee so maybe it was the caffeine, I dont' know.

      I have also lost some hearing in my left ear at the same time.

      A few weeks ago I lost some more hearing and I lost my balance and have been quite ill.

      I'm feeling really down these days and don't know how to cope. I'm just keeping busy.

      I just want to forget it's there, how do people cope?
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      noise injury
      The only thing that helps people cope is knowing they could get better naturally (via peripheral nerves growing themselves) or treatments are on the way with Frequency and Decibel Therapeutics.

      It really frustrates me too see an entire forum dedicated to people with malfunctioning cochleas.
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      I've coped by diligently trying to understand what parts of my emotional/perceptual existence are subject to conscious control, with patience and as much scientific rigor as possible, and trying to let go of the rest.

      I am inclined to think treatments are on the way; I've tested a couple things as a human last rat, one of which seemed to work. But, if it doesn't, I expect I'll just keep marching on the way I have for the last decade, and that'll be fine until some health issues gets catastrophically worse or kills me, same as everyone.

      I have an interesting life with a shitty soundtrack. That's just how it is for me, and I'm at peace with that more of the time than not. When I'm at peace with it, it's just a flicker in the back of my mind.
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