Hi All, Anyone Tried Er Lange Zuo Ci Wan?

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      Hi Guys and girls,

      My name is Andre , 47 years old from The Netherlands , suffering from mild tinnitus since 2012 (ish) and since last week my tinnitus has become a lot louder. I finally made a doctor appointment for tommorrow but to be honest I do not have much faith in modern medical practises controlled by the Pharma mafia. (I worked at a OT dept in a hospital and I know how corrupt this world can be)

      I love this forum for the info and experience. I have been doing a lot of research lately and I came accross something that might be helpfull.

      I currently have sort of a stomach flu and are getting the chills and hot flushes which coincided with tinnitus getting worse. I also noticed I sweat alot latelly especially my hands. I also have mild hearing loss in my right ear and a lot of wax. My nose is always blocked since I can remember.

      Now I came across some chinese herbs that has to do with an inbalance of energy in the liver which is could cause tinnitus. This Herb seem to do a lot for people, however how can one trust a review.

      So my Q. Any one tried this? It's fairly cheap only $9,- for a bottle of 200 tablets 200mg.

      I'll put the link here:



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