Hi All! New to Forum and Tinnitus Is My Enemy Too

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      Hi All

      I am a 30 years old or young lady also with T!
      Mine started in December 2011, woke up one morning hearing a noise thinking it was coming from outside. Looked out the window and finally realized that it was all coming from my right ear.
      Not long after the right ear started to ring, the left one started although only very mildly and with a different sound. Hyperacusis was in connection and my only explenation to all this is my T is the cause of the many antibiotics I have been taken over the past 3-4 years due to recurrent bladder infections. I suffer for interstitial cystitis which is slowly getting under control now. I have been antibiotics free for 14 months now...waheyyyy!! but the damage has already been done. I think I have tried them all over the course of the years and unfortunaly with bladder infections you cannot avoid them. I been on Noroxin (Norfloxacin) on and off for two years and only after my last dosage, 3 months later I have developed Tinnitus - never during treatment. Go figure. Always wondered if also music could have contributed to all this. I used to be an iPod listener, on trains, planes, trams, buses, at the gym...and to be honest the volume was not always the lowest. But here we go, like many of you , we now have to live this this crappy situation and make the best we can to deal with it. I tried many treatmens, went to see many specialist but always withouth zero results. Going to start soon again with another agopuncture session and see how it goes. I go the gym regularly and I am trying to adapt the best and healthiest diet I possibly can. I don't drink nor smoke so that has to be already a plus!!
      The one thing I find hard to is my social life has suffered a lot because of T. I cannot go to concerts anymore, my ears get really sore in loud places and most of the times I am forced to leave the venue (Pub or Bar) because it's too loud.
      And I find it hard to explain to people and family members as well as friends. Since T is very much invisible nobody understands unless you have it yourself.
      I hope to make some new T friends on this forum and share as much updated info as we can.
      Best wishes to all of you xx

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