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      A quick intro...
      My name is Mat and I have recently been diagnosed with tinnitus. The cause: being in a confined space while shooting on a hunting trip with a friend whilst wearing no hearing protection. Pretty stupid huh? I certainly think so. I work in an industry where we are constantly under risk of high decibel sound exposure and I ALWAYS protect my ears at work, guess the excitement of the hunt got the better of me and here I am.

      I am only new to hunting (no excuse, I know) but am thinking this might be the end of it. I am sure there is controversy over hunting with Tinnitus and it is probably not the right topic to pursue in this part of the forum so I will leave it at that. I do however fear that there will be a certain amount of "serves you right" for the rest of my life which doesn't exactly make me feel any better :( but hopefully I am wrong on that front.

      Anyway I have a wonderful wife who seems to be a lot more optimistic about my situation than I am, which I guess is why I am here. I don't really know anyone with Tinnitus (apart from my younger brother who acquired his from being in a punk band the last 10 years) and I really want to try to gain a wider support base and offer support in return (though I don't know much about it all yet). I am also a keen scuba diver and work in out Emergency Response Team at work - both of which I love and believe I will be able to continue to do into the future.

      Ok so my quick intro was a bit over the top but anyway, I hope to chat to a lot of you on the forums as I head off on this somewhat unplanned and unexpected part of my life :)
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      Guitars, loud girls and guns
      Also got my T from a gunshot in a confined space.
      Do you have hearing loss? If you act quick, a course of prednisone (steroids) and hbot treatment could help with that.
      If not, take lots of magnesium, antioxidants, omega 3 and you may see improvement over time.
      Do protect your ears in the early stages (first 3-6 months at least) to avoid further damage. You might wanna take off some time from work and avoid stress/loud noise.
      Good luck!

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