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      I've been dealing with this for about 15 years now; at first it was episodes apparently brought on by medication. Now it's constant, and has gotten much worse in the last 5-6 months. I was ok with it at a low level, but this has reached crazy - I can't ignore it, I can't listen to something else without it intruding. I've tried ginko, my diet is pretty good in general, I've tried masking (which does seem to help me at least fall asleep), and I've read up on it enough to know that nobody quiet knows what to do about it. So, I look forward to reading through these forums to see what I can learn - and hope that somebody eventually figures "it" out.

      Do you in general recommend a consult with an audiologist?
      Is ear wax really a cause??
      Does it wax and wane (all puns intended)?
      Any general tips for managing this amazingly annoying condition?

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      Dear Nancy,

      Avoid all meds / drugs if possible that are could cause harm to your ear.
      A site that could help out, for now dont panic, this will help habituation.

      I wonder did you recently had more stress in your personal life if I may ask?

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      Hey Nancy. I can't offer much more than my personal understanding of my condition. Do you have much to focus on in the day? Is it a constant or do you have moments where you notice it? Has anything occured in the last six months that may have affected it?

      I hope this is a temporary case. I wouldn't wish T on an enemy. Did you never previously experience it on a constant basis? If not, then likely you'll habituate to it and it will stop becoming a problem.

      Best of luck.
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      Hello Nancy,

      In my opinion it's fine to consult an audiologist, provide you recognize that most hearing tests are done up to only 8 kHz, and the information obtained is only occasionally much help.

      Ear wax can cause T to be louder due to lower amount of ambient noise coming into the ear. Some will report that T will seem lower if impacted ear wax is properly removed. But my understanding is that only rarely will T disappear totally. That is, impacted wax is rarely the primary cause. My understanding anyway.

      Yes T waxes and wanes. Most would say the emotional component contributes most to the ups and downs. Any physical or emotional stress and/or poor sleep always make mine go up.

      General tips I find helpful is masking when needed; good rest and sleep as needed; talking to a pro if you find that to be helpful.

      Lastly, keep living your life. I had a T increase in Feb, since abated much. But since then I have gone to see friends play a few club shows, and also attended band practice (not loud...maybe 85-90 DB) with some old friends just two days ago. Of course I do all of this with good ear plugs. Have to say it felt really good to strap on an electric guitar and play. Only pain was to fingers lacking calluses!

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